Production Services

Full Productions / Songwriting   /   Arranging   /    Audio&Visual  / Remote Session Players

At Beckview Productions our experienced team can take your ideas further than  simply recording, mixing and mastering. We have a range of services on offer to cater for all your recording needs. We can create bespoke packages to suit your requirements. 

Let's turn your song ideas, demos, and pet projects into reality! At Beckview Studio we will guide you through the process of bringing your track(s) to the market. Together we' can collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your audience will enjoy. We are with you every step of the way and can arrange for session musicians, mixing, editing, mastering and distribution of your final project. 

Full Production

We can create packages in full or in part to suit you and your requirements......

-songwriting and arranging

- recording

- session musicians

- mixing

Have you got a recording  that you would like mixed? at Beckview Studio we can take your recordings and produce a professional finished mix.

- mastering

-distribution We can arrange CD and Vinyl pressing and artwork. Contact us to find out more about this service.

Songwriting & Arranging

Do you have a song idea or some lyrics? But need some help in bringing them together? We can help you.

We can help craft a song from a rough demo to a final mix or write or co-write and original song from scratch.

If you have an idea and want to develop this into a song at Beckview Productions we can help make this a reality our team of songwriters and arrangers can help co-write your next song. 



We have the ability to do Live Streams, Pre recorded streams, studio videos/ vblogs etc.

-live stream events

-pre-recorded 'live' events

-Studio videos

-post production audio sync

Remote Session Players

Do you need some real instruments for your track? We have a team of professional session musicians at our disposal who can help you bring your piece to life. 

This service can be offered completely remotely. We will record the parts in our studio so you can benefit from a professional studio sound, our kit and our excellent range of microphones. 

In the current climate, a lot of people are recording from home. This can be problematic if you want to collaborate with other musicians or have real instruments on your work. We can add that special something for you. Simply send us a bounce of what you are working on with any extra information and we can record the instrument and then send back the finished recording. This could be anything from drums to double bass, hammond organ to saxophone.