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Updated: Jul 10, 2021

We are very excited to share this studio video preview of NEW track, "Mellow Mood" by William Cline-Bailey from his upcoming EP Rapture.

Set to be “officially” released on 30th July 2021 on all your favourite digital music stores, this 4 track EP has been recorded, mixed and mastered (including video capture and production) by Beckview Studios.

We captured the recording process on our Blackmagic multi-camera setup during the live recording sessions for the EP.

William wanted his EP to have a good groove with a feeling of interaction between himself and the session players. To achieve this we rehearsed the tracks, and then recorded the core instruments together for each track on the EP. We re-recorded the tracks until we had the ‘golden’ take.

Once the ‘golden take’ was laid down, we then built the track up by overdubbing the additional and supplementary instruments. We didn’t want to over complicate the arrangements so only added what was needed to augment the core take. We worked on one song at a time (two songs per session).

In this studio video you can see that the players started with the core instruments of drums, bass, keys, guitar and trumpet. We then captured the congas, keys and other percussion instruments afterwards in the overdubs.

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Mellow Mood written and produced by William Cline Bailey


William Cline-Bailey (Drums & Percussion)

Cecil Jones (Trumpet)

and Beckview's Session players;

Rowan Oliver (Bass & Percussion),

Adam Carpenter (Keyboards)

Pete Norman (Guitar)

Recording and Mixing - Chris Jones (Beckview Studios)

Mastering - Matthew Barnard

Intern. Issac Tingay captured all the video content for this video, leaving Chris Jones free to do his thing behind the mixing desk. Studio Video produced by Chris Jones

If you are interested in any of our recording and/or production services (inc. making a studio video) at Beckview Studios, please get in touch.

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