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Studio Build Videos #5 - #10

We've not posted anything about our new studio build on this blog for a while. So we thought it was about time. The build has progressed massively in just a few months, and we are now at a point where the internal studio structure is up.

In this video [Studio Build #5] we have a quick walk around the building just before the walls were removed.

In this video [Studio Build #6] we see the new, open space and discuss the potential layout for the studio .

In this video [Studio Build #7] we see the hardcore level going down, and discuss sound transference.

In Studio Build #8 the concrete pad is being formed and finished.

Studio Build #9 shows the start of the internal studio structure being built.

The final video in our series to date [Studio Build #10] shows where we are up to now, with the walls completely up.

As you can see, there is still a lot of work to do and we will continue to post updates of our progress on our YouTube channel and on this blog.

Thanks for watching.

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