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The Girl Next Door - Audio Capture and Post-production

We have been working with the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough, North Yorkshire over the last couple of weeks, capturing, editing and mixing the audio for the film performance of Sir Alan Ayckbourn’s 85th Play, The Girl Next Door.

Working closely with Daniel Abell (Director of Photography, Stephen Joseph Theatre), the main brief was to capture the audio, giving priority to keeping the 'feel and sound' of the live theatre experience and for the actors voices to be very clear - not to sound distant, boomy or overly reverberant.

We achieved this by mic-ing up all four actors with a high quality headset mic to capture their individual performances. There were four microphones picking up each of the uniquely designed scenes on the theatre's renowned 'Round' stage, and additional microphones punctuated throughout the audience to capture their reaction.

We used high quality microphone preamplifiers to ensure crystal clear audio capture with loads of headroom in the dynamic range. As we were capturing a single live performance, we also had a secondary redundancy system simultaneously capturing the audio.

The post-production mix concentrated on creating a clear sound which would be translatable between many streaming devices and speakers - from TV speakers, to phone speakers.

Each actor's dialogue was processed with careful attention paid to when actors were speaking to each other, in order to minimise phasing and crosstalk. We then treated and added in the zone/scene microphones to pick up the ambience and the sound on stage. The same was done for the audience mics.

We then took the foley sound and music and adapted it for the film, maintaining the essence of the live play.

If you would like to see the show for yourself, please head over to the Stephen Joseph Theatre Website where you can purchase a ticket to stream the film (only available until midnight Sunday 4th of July 2021).

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with the world renowned theatre, and we're not he only ones who have enjoyed the performances. The film and the play have received some great reviews, please check some of them out;

On Magazine

Broadway World

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