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All our services can be used independently, or as part of a package

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At Beckview Studios our experienced team have a range of recording and production services on offer. We can create bespoke packages to suit your requirements. Our engineers and producers are on hand to guide you through the recording processes from start to finish. Bringing your recording project to life and leaving you with products of the highest quality!

Please send us a message to enquire about any of the services below and to obtain a quote for either

a stand alone service or as part of a production package. 



  • Bands

  • Solo artists/instramentalists

  • Duo's

  • Singer/Songwriters

  • Producers


Recording, at Beckview Studios, couldn't be easier! Whether you are a band, soloist, duo, singer/songwriter or anything else in-betweenWe have access to a range of excellent microphones and our experienced resident engineer will be on hand at all times to get the best sound out of your instruments and vocals. You are bound to achieve some excellent takes of your project in our relaxed and creative environment. Our large studio floor and large analogue mixing desk makes us a desirable studio especially for bands as we can easily accommodate several musicians recording simultaneously. Our isolation booth adds an additional bonus when recording bands or ensembles, as it provides additional space for solo instrumentalists, vocals, or amps. We have plenty of instruments and equipment for you to use during your session, meaning that if you would like to experiment with some additional sounds to add texture to your pieces, then you are more than welcome to do so. A list of our equipment can be found here. Note: Some instruments may require an additional charge, e.g. piano tuning.


The studio is available to hire on a daily, half day or hourly basis. If you are a producer, band or other self-producing artist who needs access to a high-quality and competitively priced recording studio but want to take the recordings away to mix elsewhere, or are looking to record instruments that you can't at home, this service will particularly appeal to you.


All recording sessions come with an experienced engineer and include access to our equipment and instruments.

Session Musicians

Do you need some real instruments on your track? 


We work with a team of talented session musicians and multi-faceted instrumentalists who will help bring colour and life to your recording. Talk to us about what kind of instruments you would like to feature on your track and we will help you find the best musician for your project. As part of our production packages we can arrange for session players to be present during your session. We will discuss in detail your project requirements and make recommendations for how to bring them to life. 

Remote Session Players - We can provide high-quality recordings of a variety of instruments for you to use on your tracks. Including real drum multi-tracks, Hammond organ, double bass, saxophone, guitar and many more. Send us a bounce of your material with any extra information and we will record the instrument(s) for you. This service can be offered completely remotely and all takes place in our studio so you can benefit from a professional studio sound, our kit, and our excellent range of microphones and engineer expertise, without leaving the house!

Session Musicians are subject to availability and are provided at an additional cost - rates vary.

Other Recording Services

  • Voiceovers

  • Podcasts

  • Audiobooks

  • Audition/showreel recordings

  • Live-stream events 

  • Location recording



  • Singles, Albums, EP's

  • Songwriting

  • Arranging 

  • Demos/Portfolio recordings

  • Jingles

  • Remote production work


Let's turn your song ideas, demos, and pet projects into reality! At Beckview Studio we will guide you through the process of bringing your track(s) to the market. Together we'll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your audience will enjoy. We are with you every step of the way and can arrange for songwriting or arranging, recording, session musicians, mixing, editing, mastering and even visual content of your final project. Chat to us about your requirements.​​


At Beckview Studios we offer a full mixing service where our skilled producers bring your multi-track recordings together into a final high-quality and marketable product.


Our mastering service is the perfect way to give your finished mix that extra polish. Our engineers are experienced in many styles of music and have an attention to detail which is important to ensure your tracks stand out from the competition.

We can also arrange CD and Vinyl pressing and artwork.

Songwriting & Arranging

Do you have a song idea or some lyrics... but need some help in bringing them together? We can help craft a song from a rough demo to a final mix or write or co-write original songs (lyrics and music) from scratch.

Audio & Visual

  • Live stream events

Real-time audio and visual recording and mixing of your live stream events (for YouTube and Social Media etc). Post production editing also available.​

  • Session Videos & Photography

Audio post-production 

We can provide audio post production services e.g. mixing and mastering for recordings tracked in-house, or recorded elsewhere. We have experience of mixing and editing material for live streaming events as well as pre-recorded live performances. We will polish up your audio and can consult on a number of remote recording options.

Location recording

We have been working alongside the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to capture, edit and mix the audio for film performances of their productions. If you are interested in this type of service for your theatre production or film, please so not hesitate to get in touch.

Other Services

  • Consultations

  • Training

We are available for consultations and meetings conducted in person or via the usual video calling platforms. Please get in touch for more information.